Pandemic Productions: The Best Marketing Campaigns

Throughout the pandemic, some interesting campaigns have been released, so these are some of my thoughts and favourite marketing campaigns

Alex Milner


2019 Best Campaigns

Although the year wasn’t directly involved in the pandemic, in 2019, this is when it all started. So, for 2019, here are some of my favourite campaigns:

Cadbury & Age UK — Donate your Words

This campaign specifically, although not directly related to the pandemic has emotional, yet power effectual effects which are important for people to see.

With the adverse topic of being surrounding conversation, especially with older people who are suffering from loneliness. Although I’m sure this (sadly) got higher in the number of lonely people within the pandemic, this is a topic which should be popular and important.

With the saddening statistics and statement of ‘In the UK, 225,000 older people often go a week without speaking to anyone, the campaign is an important one to be featured within the best campaigns.

With more of a marketing perspective within this campaign is Cadbury’s decision to make the front of their iconic Dairy Milk packaging completely word-free. Although from this aspect, it is a point through the statement through the chocolate packaging, the point must be made, with people wanting to understand more about the campaign being run.

From within the campaign, it is crucial for the incentive of the campaign, they also donated 30p from every bar sold to Age UK to help their work supporting older people and initiatives such as their national advice line and telephone friendship service, which gives that bonus to campaign to be able to support those people.

Microsoft — We All Win



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