Pandemic Productions: The Best Marketing Campaigns

Throughout the pandemic, some interesting campaigns have been released, so these are some of my thoughts and favourite marketing campaigns

Although the year wasn’t directly involved in the pandemic, in 2019, this is when it all started. So, for 2019, here are some of my favourite campaigns:

Cadbury & Age UK — Donate your Words

This campaign specifically, although not directly related to the pandemic has emotional, yet power effectual effects which are important for people to see.

With the adverse topic of being surrounding conversation, especially with older people who are suffering from loneliness. Although I’m sure this (sadly) got higher in the number of lonely people within the pandemic, this is a topic which should be popular and important.

With the saddening statistics and statement of ‘In the UK, 225,000 older people often go a week without speaking to anyone, the campaign is an important one to be featured within the best campaigns.

With more of a marketing perspective within this campaign is Cadbury’s decision to make the front of their iconic Dairy Milk packaging completely word-free. Although from this aspect, it is a point through the statement through the chocolate packaging, the point must be made, with people wanting to understand more about the campaign being run.

From within the campaign, it is crucial for the incentive of the campaign, they also donated 30p from every bar sold to Age UK to help their work supporting older people and initiatives such as their national advice line and telephone friendship service, which gives that bonus to campaign to be able to support those people.

Microsoft — We All Win

Towards the aspect within the 2019 marketing campaign pushing the strategy of purpose-driven advertising, Microsoft’s Super Bowl advertisement spot this year was the ability to shout about accessibility in gaming.

The video advertisement presented different of children with disabilities and their stories, with the extra benefit of this campaign this shows the children who are now able to play video games thanks to Microsoft’s specially-designed hardware.

Throughout this campaign which was presented, the message and the outstanding execution resonated with people, and the campaign became a virality from the positive messaged and how much this campaign has enabled. In this case, Microsoft’s creative excellence is not only in its ad but in the positive change the brand has helped to implement.

Becoming in the real start and midst of the pandemic, this is when the real ‘Pandemic Productions’ can start. So, for 2020, here are some of my favourite campaigns:

Budweiser — Whassup Quarantine Version

With the Budweiser campaign being released in 2020 with the Quarantine version, they brought back its much loved ‘Whassup’ catchphrase. Although using some interesting outdated phoned technology, this campaign shows the ability to integrate the phrase “just quarantining, having a Bud” within the campaign.

Although the campaign is clearly evidencing the piece of four people who are in quarantine, this also gives the back story of mental health and the ability to talk to each other. This is also clearly evident as the campaign ends with ‘thanks for checking in’.

With the layered concept being a vital piece within the pandemic, although just trying to sell a few beers, this campaign brings the piece of vitality for the society of speaking up.

Leon — Feed NHS

As one of the many campaigns of which I could include here, it gave some support for the NHS workers and raised money towards the health service which is extremely commendable.

Although this section is about the Leon campaign called ‘Feed NHS’, this is a section of which I need to include about ‘Sir Captain Tom Moore’. With the achievements and acknowledgements of whiich could be listed throughout his life, at the age of 100, he achieved to raise across £30 million for the National Health Service.

So, from that, although Sir Tom Moore’s effrts were his unselfishness and not a campaign, the Leon ‘Feed NHS’ campaign was a step of raising more money for the NHS.

Towards the Feed NHS campaign, Leon worked with some celebrities towards the campaign to be able to raise money for the NHS.

In the midst of the pandemic, rather than letting its restaurants be empty, due to the restrictions placed on the hospitality sector, the food-to-go chain turned its attention to feeding frontline workers coping with the coronavirus.

Through this campaign, LEON enabled the public to donate money towards this campaign to be able to give food towards people on the front line within the NHS.

Based on the statistics on the FeedNHS campaign website, there were 40,000 meals being served across the country, 88 hospitals being fed and other elements which served towards. With this stats, it shows it was one of the many campaigns towards to NHS in the difficult times to succeed.

Still in the midst of the pandemic over a year later, and never the less there are still amazing campaigns being released. So, for 2021, here are some of my favourite campaigns:

Airbnb — ‘Made Possible by Hosts’

Although there is a marketing effort behind this video within the campaign from Airbnb, this video’s main character was a doggo, so this alone was the reason for it being an amazing campaign.

But, for the marketing side of this campaign, Airbnb decided to pull back on their budget and wanted to focus on the brand of Airbnb. So, from this, they used an element of user-generated content from their customers to see this doggo in action in an airbnb.

Within this campaign, Airbnb created a series of videos using real photographs from guests staying in Airbnbs fromaround the world. With different views and different locations, this creates the excitment of wihch is an element which Airbnb can utilise strategically.

Volvo — Electric drive

Although from this element could be from an array of companies in the space, the piece is about electric being the future which is a key point of which I think is interesting. For electric transport and vehicles, I believe that this is an element of which is the future so needs to be advertised.

Less about selling cars, more about spreading the message.

For this campaign or advertisment, more specifically, this jumped out to bme, because this campaign introduced the element of family. With this article being titled with the topic of the pandemic in mind, the element of family is extremely important, because for many, those are the ones we want and need to be around, especially when locked inside.

For the marketing campaign, fro the marketing elements within it, this is about selling the cars, but as such for many about telling the story about the future and connecting with those people directly.

From this, what was your favourite camaign from the previous couple of years? What campaign would you add or which would you remove?

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Hopefully, this article helped you, or you learnt something new, thanks for reading!



Top Writer 🎉! Sharing thoughts in marketing, social media, psychology and other topics of interest!

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Alex Milner

Top Writer 🎉! Sharing thoughts in marketing, social media, psychology and other topics of interest!