Iquitos, Peru: The Beginning

Iquitos, is a different place, here are my thoughts

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Iquitos Peru
Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash

I’ve visited Peru for the last week, and with the differences, similarities and adventures I’ve experienced, sharing the experience is a part of the experience.

My Thoughts Before Travelling

Before I write anything in this section, I haven’t travelled yet, so I want to apologise already for potentially being an incentive— as this isn’t something I’ve experienced before.

One of the rules which I’ve enforced upon myself is that this section is not allowed to be edited after I return. This is the fun of it, let’s see what I get wrong.

Currently, as I write this it is the 27th of May 2022, 17 days away from when I arrive in Iquitos, Peru. At the moment, my thoughts are quite sporadic. I’m not quite sure what to think.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

So, why am I adding this section? This is mainly to see what I was thinking before I went and the comparison after I return to write this section.

As I say, my thoughts are quite mixed. As I live in England, it is going to be quite different, being in Southern America — but this goes without saying.

Although anxious, I am quite interested to see the foods, sights and transportation (all of which I will insert images).

For the food, as I relatively fussy eater, and with an array of exotic foods being in Peru, this is going to be interesting. Although intrigued, being able to indulge in their foods will take a lot of trial and error, which will be interesting to see.

The Sights. This is going to be incredible. A lot of sunsets, which are always pleasurable to see. Through the excitement of travelling to Peru, I have watched a lot of YouTube videos, so this might be cheating. This will be interesting to see how it compares to reality.

Travelling, this might be the one which is most different to me. This is only because the places which I’ve travelled to previously are only by car. In comparison, in Iquitos Peru — where I’m travelling, I’ve seen that Tuk-tuks (and motorcycles) are the main forms of transportation. Of course, they have cars, but the previous two I have never experienced before.

With this being said, it’ll be interesting to see and experience. I am extremely excited. This is where the comparison will start below, with my initial thoughts and the daily updates.

Gracias por todo!

My Initial Thoughts

As I take my final flight from Lima, Peru to Iquitos, Peru, and we touchdown in Iquitos, the feeling of nervousness and excitement hit.

Everyone stands up, and I try to reconnect my phone to the service, but nothing. I step off the plane, jump into the Instagram stories and take photos. I walk into FAP Iquitos Airport, and retrieve my bag, although expecting security, there was nothing. It was just the start of my journey for the week in Iquitos.

Although not included in the days below, this was Sunday and I land in Iquitos at 6:05 am, this starts my first full day in Iquitos.

As I mentioned previously there was no service once we touched down in Iquitos, once I collect my bags, I go stand out at the front of the airport and wait for my girlfriend.

Once we got together, we go for food, it was a big place where different people were selling food, then I went to meet some different people. As we later go to a restaurant to eat and spend time together, this concludes the day.

As I’m now in the hotel, I conclude the first day in Iquitos and start the full week of which becomes my stay in Iquitos.

Here goes nothing…


Day 1

Monday morning, was the first full day with a little bit more energy after having over 24 hours of running across the planet to reach Peru.

As we start the week it turns out that there is a football game between Peru and Australia, and as I succumbed to it, it’s a really big deal in Peru, so I had to get involved.

So, as we started the day, I had to purchase a Peruvian football T-shirt and try to get more into the zoom to cheer on the new team (spoiler: there wasn’t a lot of cheering from me)!

But, as we all came today, it was a really good vibe and environment as there was a mixture of nervousness, and excitement for the upcoming game.

With the mixture of the football game, amazing food, and personally, being with my girlfriend — what more can I ask for? Being able to see everyone in their environment with an array of emotions, was a really good time!

Austrlia v Peru — Penalties

However, unfortunately, as you can see presented from the image above, Peru got knocked out to qualify for the 2022 World Cup as there was a missing from the last score side of Peru.

Regardless of the loss, there were motorcars and other elements which are surrounding the streets and creating lots of noise. In the atmosphere of the streets, it was definitely different from anything I’ve experienced before, but it was exciting and interesting, to say the least.

Before I fast forward too much, we also got some “sublime” ice cream, that’s all for that section.

As the day draws down as we are now in the afternoon, we spend some time in the hotel relaxing, as one does as they’re on holiday as spent 10 minutes walking.

Finishing the day by going to a restaurant (where I can’t remember and have no photos to be able to gain an idea from — so let’s skip that part), and went back to the hotel to finish the day.

Although, technically the second day, it is the first proper day of the travel I had. So, finishing the first amazing day in Iquitos, Peru — with more amazing days that were ahead of me!

As I’m going to end each article which I talk about Peru — I miss it very much and want to go back!

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Hopefully, this article helped you, or you have learned something new, thanks for reading!



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